Recovery Coaching Information

Often the toughest part of recovery is integrating back into daily life after going through treatment, or while living in a sober living home. Our trained and certified Recovery Coaches are here to help you wherever you’re at on your journey of recovery and personal growth. 

We recognize the importance of Recovery Coaching as a way to have support in building a stable, sober and thriving life long term. Our Recovery Coaches are here to support their clients in creating a solid support network, staying sober, creating clear goals and plans to move forward in their lives, in having accountability, in building healthy habits, in finding therapeutic hobbies and doing the deep inner work required to create lasting change. 

Below you’ll find info about pricing options and also about our different Recovery Coaches. You can book a complimentary intro session with any of them to get to know them and see if it’s a good fit to work together. 

Option 1:  

$750 per month. Includes: 

  • 4, 60 minute long phone, video or in person sessions 
  • Text/email support between sessions
  • Resource brokering services 
  • Crisis care management 
  • Emergency relapse phone calls 
  • Goal setting & accountability support 

Option 2: 

$1400 for two months of coaching. Includes: 

  • 8, 60 minute long phone, video or in person sessions 
  • Text/email support between sessions
  • Resource brokering services 
  • Crisis care management 
  • Emergency relapse phone calls 
  • Goal setting & accountability support 

Shannon Grossman

Hello! My name is Shannon Grossman, and I am serving in the Operations Dept. and I love it! I have been working with the sobriety field now for over three years. With a background in the Arts and Small Businesses, I have found a complete passion for helping people and small businesses get to the next level. There is nothing better than to realize, what you possess is a talent of inspiring someone else to believe in themselves, to walk with them until they can see the path of their own freedom.

That is exactly what we are looking to do, to breathe life back into sobriety, and help you get to the next level of you. I am very lucky to have this opportunity, work with a team, and collaborate with so many Mentors that share this same goal. I have once heard that if you truly love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life! I now know what they mean. (737) 226-2569

Sami Jalanbo

Sami’s love and passion for guiding people back to their light comes from his own journey through addiction and recovery. Through a commitment towards his own self discovery and routine mind, body, and spirit disciplines, he has found the freedom he once did not think possible.  Sami’s belief that each person be empowered to choose their own recovery path, and utilization of a wide variety of healing modalities allows him an individualized approach in helping design a recovery plan towards wholeness. 737- 222-8409

Sarah Turrentine

Sarah Turrentine began her journey of going within in 2019 and has since dedicated her time to turning her mess into her message. She finds great purpose in helping walk people through their shadow while remembering to enjoy the beauty that life offers. She believes that we all have the capacity to heal and that our healing journey can be fun and exciting when compounded with authentic connection. She has certifications as an L1Enlifted Coach, a Recovery Support Peer Specialist and is working towards a certification In Being True to You Transformational Recovery. When not working 1 on 1 with our residents or organizing fun and interactive social events for the community you will find Sarah singing loudly to herself while driving and basking in the sunshine. 903-283-5842

Luke Carver

Luke Carver is a transformational recovery coach. He takes past pains and turns them into powers. From his own personal experience with addiction, depression and anxiety he is able to relate to his clients. Love and light is what he embodies. He meets his clients where they are at. (720) 908-7097

Austin Garner

Austin Garner was raised in Cookeville, Tn. After attending a rehabilitation center, he decided to move down to Austin, Tx and continue his process of recovery. Leading by example, Austin represents a positive outlook towards sobriety that is accessible to people in recovery, regardless of where they are on their journey. He’s passionate about Recovery Coaching and helping people discover a path forward in their lives and holding them accountable to becoming the greatest version of themselves. He can always be found engaging in activities from reading to sports, guitar playing to meditation. (931) 260-9510

Chris Murphy

Chris was born and raised in New York City until he was 29 years old. He had a rough childhood and experienced trauma from a young age. At 17 he had his jaw broken and was prescribed OxyContin. He quickly became addicted and his life spiraled out of control. After his prescription for Oxy ran out, he switched to using heroin and started what would become an 11 year battle. He had periods of sobriety and a lot of success working in a fine dining restaurant, working on Wall Street for most of his professional life and in advertising for professional sports organizations. He has been assaulted and due to an assault and drug addiction, lost his teeth and was gifted them back when moved to Austin Texas. He has since created an incredible recovery community around him in which he is a member of AA but also participates in many other modalities of treatment and has turned his life around. Chris is a passionate recovery coach who loves supporting others in getting their lives on track. (646) 256-0406

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