Austin Sober Living – Westlake Recovery

Located in the heart of Austin, TX. Upscale Sober Living program. We are within walking distance to many major Austin hot spots- including Recovery Meeting groups and ATX mentors.

(512) 598-4808


Prime Location

Being in Austin, TX. There are many opportunities involving work placement and higher education  within the city 


Professional & Friendly Staff

With years in the recovery industry, our staff helps insure a seamless sober living experience 


Community Focused

Our Austin location has large, spacious, open community areas where residents that enjoy with peer and private residences to relax


Rooms Available Today!

We have multiple locations across austin tx for both men and women


Clinical Support

Private and Group therapy sessions weekly   


Customized Programs

We have created a multi-level recovery structure to meet each client where they are in their recovery.

Our Austin, TX Sober Living Houses include.

  • YMCA All Access Gym Membership
  • WiFi and High-Speed internet
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Close proximity to meetings
  • Close proximity to public transportation
  • Close proximity to Downtown Austin
  • Strong family environment
  • Bus Stop just steps away
  • Central/South/Downtown
  • Maid Service
  • Weekly House Meetings

Meet Our Team

Shannon Grossman

Hello! My name is Shannon Grossman, and I am serving in the Finance Dept. and I love it! I have been working with the sobriety field now for over three years. With a background in the Arts and Small Businesses, I have found a complete passion for helping people and small businesses get to the next level. There is nothing better than to realize, what you possess is a talent of inspiring someone else to believe in themselves, to walk with them until they can see the path of their own freedom.

Luke Carver

Luke Cade Carver is from Denver Colorado. He works for Within doing PR, Marketing, sales and coaching. He has turned the dark times of his life and made those experiences become positive in helping others through their transformation. He believes that each and every moment is beautiful, good or bad. That through each moment something can be learned. Always working on growth and ascension he humbly helps those he meets. He loves yoga, working out, breath-work, sound baths and ecstatically dancing around Austin Texas. He embodies transformation.

Sarah Slack

Sarah is a born spiritual healer. Born and raised in Texas and spending the better years of her childhood just north of Austin. She has always had a gift of holding a safe space for others, and offering a listening ear that will leave you feeling seen and heard. Born into a family of pastors in a Protestant church, spirituality has always been a part of her life one way or another. Moving away from the dogma of religion, Sarah looks to her relationship with the divine spirit (God) for guidance, and moves through her life with integrity, authenticity, kindness, and love. 

Westlake Recovery has taught me the skills to transition my way back into society. I had just gotten in some trouble when I first was introduced to. I wanted to change my life from the same old ways. As you can imagine, my family and friends agreed. I enjoyed the energy of staying here and learning from the people who have been living there. I am grateful to Westlake Recovery & the amazing people who have made the program the way it is now.

Michael McDowell


Sober Living is Our Mission

24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.

(512) 598-4808

4612 Caswell Ave, Austin, TX 78751