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Frequently Asked Questions about Halfway Houses Austin TX




How are recovery houses certified? A very small percentage of recovery houses meet certification standards at the state (Texas Recovery Oriented Housing Network – TROHN) and national level (National Alliance of Recovery Residences – NARR). Over 45 requirements are considered to meet both of these certification standards.

How does Westlake Recovery exceed certification standards? Westlake Recovery exceeds the highest quality standards and provides the highest quality, upscale sober living environments in the state of Texas at our men’s and women’s house by providing an ample amount of space in some of the largest, high-end sober living environments in Texas! We provide the highest quality and most extensive amount of proven recovery based services in Texas within a rate that’s comparable to any luxury sober living home in the entire United States.


What should I look for in a recovery house? If you are coming from a treatment center (which could range between $20,000 – $120,000 per month), seeking a high quality recovery house that provides extensive support for a longer period of time helps maintain this expensive investment in sobriety. Our monthly sober living price is equivalent to approximately one day or less in rehab, yet our services and support are considered exceptional and our success rates are higher than almost all short-term rehabs. Even if you have never been to a treatment center, the extensive support and services our recovery house provides may be all you need for your recovery.

How do recovery houses in Austin, Texas, and the U.S. compare to Westlake Recovery?  Westlake Recovery has sober living environments that are located in upscale areas and provides extensive care and support in Austin, Texas. Westlake Recovery has a wide selection of recovery houses in both Central Austin and South Austin, Texas. We offer the most extensive, highest quality support and structure through your recovery journey.

Quality Sober Living

What makes our recovery houses different? Simple, we offer the highest quality services, support, and structure. Our caring staff includes nationally recognized addiction experts. This allows our members to appreciate living in a peaceful and serene environment while having the most extensive recovery-based services which has resulted in achieving one of the highest sobriety success rates in the nation. 

What makes us the best? Many upscale recovery centers have recognized our men’s and women’s houses as providing the best services and amenities in the state of Texas. Our house managers, staff, and curriculum focus on experiential treatment options that help our members break the cycle of addiction and live a happy, fulfilled sober lifestyle. 


Support Guaranteed

Why is so much support available compared to other houses? Our extensive support and services has been proven to provide one of the highest recovery success rates in the nation (zero relapses during the first eight months we opened!). The high quality support and services helps our members, our houses, and the treatment centers who refer their clients to us.

What is our assurance to you? Our success rate, services, and structure speaks for itself, which is why we offer our members an assurance that our staff will be there for you as you transition over to a sober lifestyle.  We have helped thousands of men and women recover from their addiction, and our support staff is second to none. 




Are you near a bus stop? Yes, our women’s house is a three minute walk to a major bus stop which takes members directly to downtown Austin and to other major destinations. The men’s house is located within a 15 minute walk to a bus stop.

Resident Assistance

Do you help your residents find jobs? We offer exceptional job search, resume building and job interviewing assistance to our residents, which helps them locate jobs sooner and usually at higher rates. 

Do residents have a custom tailored schedule and success plan? At Westlake Recovery we provide a substantial discount to all residents on working with our trained Recovery Coaches who provide accountability, support, empathy, goal setting assistance and more to help residents stay on track in their sobriety and personal growth.

Member Requirements

Do you allow anyone to become a member of your house? No, membership to our house is exclusive and is based on an individual assessment of the potential members motivations, intentions and dedication to achieving sobriety. Our houses have never been at full capacity and we do reserve the right to turn away applicants.  Our dedication is with maintaining our members sobriety rather than filling our house with others who could become a distraction.

Can residents stay for longer than 6 months? Yes, many of our members stay for at least 6 months and several stay 9 to 12 months depending on the quantity and quality of care they have received at treatment centers, intensive out-patient centers and additional therapy.

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