Treatment Houses in Downtown Austin


Real. Life. Treatment. 


Recovery for the Way You Live Your Life!


At Omega, Dr. Kardaras and our clinical team have created a new, better more effective way for people to not only get sober, but to stay sober. Traditional treatment programs put the struggling addict in an artificial treatment bubble where it’s relatively easy to stay sober (it’s like staying sober in a controlled environment like prison). But inevitably when that client leaves treatment, they then have to suddenly deal with all of the stressors and triggers of life totally unprepared to deal with life flying at them at 100 miles per hour. In our treatment homes, the client gets 30 hrs of clinical treatment a week with some of the best therapists in Austin. In addition to clinical treatment at Omega, the clients also receive life skills, case management, peer-recovery coaching and personal fitness in a 24/7 supervised setting in a large, beautiful secure home right in the community.



In this “community integration” model, the clients get to experience life–shopping in the supermarket, going on a barbecue, going to a doctor’s appointment, going on a job interview–all with staff supervision, and clinical staff that can help them process any and all the feelings and emotions that can so often arise in early recovery. The success rates at traditional rehabs are so low because they don’t adequately prepare a client for real life. At the Omega treatment houses, our clients are life-tested and battle ready to launch into their new clean and sober lives.

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