Recovery Spiritual Guidance

The 12 step program allows members to believe in a higher power greater than themselves, based on a god of their understanding.

Benefit: We like to assist our members with their spiritual guidance journey by suggesting one of the only recovery based churches or zen centers that practices daily meditation, and is a non-denominational, non-judgmental Christian church, founded by Father Thomas Keating, the founder of the Christian Contemplative Movement who has also written the book “AA and Meditation”. The Shambhala center is located in the Boldin Creek neighborhood centrally to all of our homes which our members can enjoy complimentary.

12th Step Group Service Work – Monthly

Members share their experience, strength and hope with others in recovery, and live out the 12th step by helping outside meeting rooms that provide these services.

We do this by simply arriving early to help set up meetings, volunteer to lead meetings, serve coffee and food, help fold chairs and put away the trash. One such meeting is called Austin City Wide which allows members together as a house to serve once each month in a very large setting where approximately 500 individuals in recovery attend. A pot luck dinner is offered before a popular AA circuit speaker presents his story for overcoming addictions.

Benefit: By taking the focus off of our addiction and serving others in a recovery fellowship we find that we are the ones who also greatly benefit with this service which helps maintain our sobriety.