Our men’s house is the only recovery house in the nation with two full-size kitchens (one upstairs and one downstairs so there is plenty of storage space). Recognized as the highest quality sober living environment in Texas! Our recovery structure, support and services are unmatched! Master bathroom at Women’s House in north Austin Private and semi-private rooms are available Women’s House in north Austin with pool table just off of kitchen The lounge area at the Women’s House in north Austin is one of the most spacious and nicest in the nation The lounge area at the Women’s House in north Austin is one of the most spacious and nicest in the nation Exterior of Women’s location in north Austin Members can recover in the comfort of peaceful surroundings and upscale ammenities The Men’s House is one of the largest and newest sober living house in the nation The Women’s House in south Austin is located in the heart of the shopping district and less than 8 minutes from downtown February Special!  Receive your first two weeks free! Please call for more information at 512-663-9131.

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The Westlake Recovery men’s and women’s sober living houses have been recognized as the most upscale sober living environments, providing the most extensive recovery services, at the most affordable price than any sober living home in the nation (call us at 512-765-5711 to find out more).

High Quality Recovery Services

Our upscale recovery houses provides high quality recovery based services for a variety of addictions including; drugs, alcoholism, opiates, pain management, prescription medicine abuse, and medication-assisted recovery (buprenorphine, suboxone, naltrexone, antibuse … Read More >>

Unmatched Structure & Support

The recovery support and structure we provide has been proven to be successful with treating addictions as we track our members weekly progress on twenty four key metrics which has resulted in an exceptionally high success rate (zero relapses for the first eight months we opened)… Read More >>

Finest Accommodations

The finest house amenities and accommodations abound at our brand-new, 5,400 sq. ft. house with plenty of space to rest and relax with three living rooms, an upstairs and downstairs kitchen, and brand-new furniture throughout. We offer the largest, most upscale, recovery house in Texas… Read More >>

Fitness Facility, Pool & Jacuzzi

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Our fitness facility is within a few miles of the Men's House and within walking distance from our Women's House